How to hold your Bouquet on your wedding day

How to hold your bouquet on your wedding day

Here are my top tips on how to feel relaxed and confident with your wedding flowers!

This may not be something you have thought would be a big problem but on the day, when excitement and nerves kick in, suddenly you don’t know what to do with your arms! I want you to feel relaxed and confident, look super chic and get the absolute best out of your wedding flowers. This is important on the day itself and also for your wedding photos!

1 – Hold your bouquet Landscape

This is only relevant if you chosen a whimsical bouquet with a wild and natural shape. They are designed to be held with the widest part across the front of your body. Whilst they are created to look incredible from all angles this is how they look best. (Not pointing down like a cascade bouquet)

2 – Tilt your bouquet forward

Yes, tilt your flowers slightly forward towards the camera and for all your wedding guests to see. This way you will get the most of the design and the exquisite blooms you have invested in. Rather than just seeing stems and side-on flowers. (This isn’t really relevant if you have a cascade bouquet.)

3- Hold your bouquet low

Hold your flowers below your navel. This is the most important one to remember and helps with all styles of bouquet. Holding your wedding flowers low means your arms and shoulders will feel and look more relaxed. You can fully show off your wedding dress or outfit that you have put so much thought into.

A couple of extra points to help you out. I cut the stems of your wedding bouquet nice and short. This means your flowers are comfortable to hold. You can hold the bouquet close in to your body without stems digging in or marking your clothes.

Bouquets are normally designed with a front and a back with the more luxurious, focal blooms at the front.

I’m not one for rules and regulations. As I said before your beautiful wedding flowers are designed to look stunning from all angles. So enjoy posing with them and have fun in your photos. As long as you have a few perfect shots to remember your beautiful flowers you can relax and not over think it for the rest of your photos. Your wedding bouquet will be the most fabulous accessory you have ever held.

So there you go – my top tips on how to hold your bouquet on your wedding day. I hope you guys found this helpful.

Here are some photos on my beautiful clients totally rocking there wedding flowers!

Summer wedding flowers

Summer wedding flowers
winter wedding flowers
Summer wedding flowers
October wedding flowers
Winter wedding flowers
September wedding flowers
October wedding flowers
Spring wedding flowers

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Meg xx

Take a look at some of my real weddings for some flower inspiration and ideas below.

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