Elegant Wedding Bouquets for Stylish Brides

Chic, romantic bouquets for stylish brides. Your bridal bouquet is likely one of the most personal, emotive and thought about parts of your wedding day. It’s the most important accessory you will ever hold. The shape, colours and textures, the scent of the flowers are so personal and meaningful. I use the design of the bouquet is the starting point for the rest of the floral designs that are part of your wedding day.

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October wedding flowers. Bride and groom with seasonal bridal bouquet
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Chic and Stylish Bridal Bouquets

I adore creating bridal bouquets. It’s where you see all the carefully chosen colours and personal details of my couples wedding come together.

This guide will help you choose the right style of bridal bouquet for you. As a wedding florist I want to help you feel incredible and super chic on your wedding day.

Here are my top 3 styles of bridal bouquet.

The Round Bouquet

Simple, Elegant and timeless. Essentially a rounded shape with a loose, natural and relaxed feel. Here at Megan Lily Floral Design I like a bit of wildness and romance so don’t expect a perfectly round ball. Your round bouquet will still have a good dose of whimsy. Choose this style if you are wanting a more classic, refined look.

I love to fill these bouquets with luxurious garden roses, scented stocks and scabious.

The Whimsical Bouquet

An abundant, informal bouquet with a natural, whimsical shape. This style looks incredible in your photographs. They are amazing teamed with any style of wedding dress or outfit. They look so chic and sophisticated and really give a wow factor. Larger than the round bouquet. Choose this style if you want to make more of a statement.

I create these bouquets with beautiful statement blooms such as garden roses and dahlias. Snap dragons and delicate sweet peas and beautiful foliage to create interesting, whimsical shapes.

Take a look at some of my chic and stylish brides totally rocking their wedding bouquets.

The Cascade Bouquet

Effortlessly beautiful with a natural trailing shape. A wonderfully romantic design of tumbling blooms. I don’t get asked to make enough of these in my opinion. You will feel like you are in an epic love story holding one of these bouquets on your wedding day. They create luxurious, dreamy and feel. Choose this style if you want a romantic, elegant look.

I love to fill these bouquets with beautiful trailing varieties such as clematis and honeysuckle and jasmine teamed with roses and stunning seasonal foliage.

The meaning of your bridal bouquet

Of all the floral designs the bridal bouquet brings up all the emotion. Some how the nerves and tension of your wedding morning are cut when I bring in your flowers. There are often tears (happy tears) when I deliver your bouquet. Flowers have a way of bringing emotion and meaning to everything. Your bouquet is often the first element of your day that you see. All the ideas you have spent so long planning. The carefully considered aesthetic and style for your day are always brought together perfectly by your wedding flowers. It’s always a special moment when you get that first look at your bridal bouquet.

So there you have it, my top tips and inspiration on the best chic and elegant bouquets for stylish brides.

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Meg xx

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